Princess Durru Shehvar

Princess Durru Shehvar

Dureyshevar’s name comes from the Princess Durru Shehvar, a Princess of the Ottoman Empire. In many ways their backgrounds – a mixture of cultural influences – are parallel.

Like her namesake Dureyshevar grew up experiencing a variety of cultural influences in Bombay (Mumbai), living in urban neighborhoods (Breach Candy and Cuffe Parade) and the more laid back small city environment of her mother’s maternal home in Hyderabad before moving to America.

It was in Hyderabad where she spent many days in the family’s kitchen, run by their longtime head chef, a eunuch whose pride and joy was his cooking. He introduced a young Dureyshevar to the richness of Indian cuisine and inspired an interest in her that perseveres today.

Upon moving to the US, she pursued a behind the scenes career in Film and TV working with networks like HBO, Showtime, NBC and ABC to name a few. An artist at heart, she was inspired to create a duality for herself: Film Producer and Cook. The combination of her love for food with her love of cinema created the world of Spice Princess.

Various Spices

Maker Studios, a media company with over 1000 channels on YouTube and more than 2 billion views per month online, saw something special in Dureyshevar and signed Spice Princess to their network.

Starting off as a cooking show with Indian Food twists, Dureyshevar hosted Spice Princess, an episodic series with a guest not so familiar with traditional Indian Cuisine. However, her love of food went beyond the enjoyment of a meal.

Next came Fooducation, a series that explores the many voices of food. It’s a whimsical place where fantasy collides with facts and myths. If food could talk, what would it teach you?

COMING SOON: Dureyshevar also knows the importance of food as custom and tradition. In Endangered Foods culinary dishes around the world are going extinct. In this fast age of time management, meals that take time to create are explored. When a dish dies, a cultural significance dies with it.

Besides being edible and delicious, food gives you beauty. Food as Beauty touches on the problems we all face at some point or another. Here Dureyshevar explores all natural ways to beautify the skin you were born with: self-esteem and food become one.

For those intimidated by food, she’s created Spice Kits for purchase – a complete recipe with all necessary dry ingredients, directions and a list of fresh ingredients to add. It’s a convenient way to spice up your life.

Durey in a blue dress


She wants food lovers (creators and eaters) to not be afraid of herbs and spices. She wants to expand your food IQ with entertainment. Food brings us all together, no matter what race or creed. It is fact and myth, it is voice and story, and it is a message of unconditional love.