“It’s Not About Me” blog loved our Launch Party at Nirvana!

The folks at It’s Not About Me blog attended our launch party at Nirvana restaurant in Beverly Hills – here’s what they said:

“…Durey, who was indeed the star of the evening … appeared to be as nice and genuine as she is beautiful.
“… plentiful passed appetizers were absolutely delish! The gussied-up mushrooms were out of this world, and the super-spicy spinach-potato patties worked perfectly with the less tangy cheese naan.”

Full article here. Thanks for the kind words!

Spice Princess Featured on IndiaWest!

Durey Photo

Here’s a little bit of what they said:

“Dureyshevar, a prolific film producer and food enthusiast who grew up in Mumbai, has a unique approach to cooking that she’s confident will spell success on YouTube.”

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